Our History

The journey began six years ago, set against the diverse nature of the British Isles. At its core, our story revolves around understanding and aiding the UK’s farming communities.

The Early Stages:

My initial focus was sales, offering me a foundation in customer relations. However, the complexities and challenges of the energy sector soon drew my attention, especially concerning the agricultural industry.

Transition to Agri-Energy:

Three years ago, I decided to specialise in energy solutions tailored for agriculture, poultry, and dairy industries. This wasn’t merely a business decision but a commitment to comprehending the unique energy demands of these sectors.

Building Connections:

Throughout the UK, our interactions with farmers were characterised by mutual learning. I appreciate their daily challenges and strive to offer energy solutions catering to their specific needs. This involves everything from understanding individual farm operations to collaborating with various stakeholders in the farming industry, such as PD Hook and LKL Services.

Where I Stand:

Today, my ethos remains grounded in understanding and collaboration. Agri Power Solutions has come a long way from my beginnings, driven by the purpose of serving the UK’s farming communities with integrity and commitment.